Graduation of 600 rural women after the literacy project in Osaif, Red Sea


The rural women in Osaif , Red Sea, on the graduation ceremony of the literacy program of UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology
24 November 2016


On 20th of November 2016 the Head of the Khartoum office of UNESCO, H.E. Dr. Pavel Kroupkine participated in the ceremony of the graduation of 600 rural women resulting the literacy project managed by UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology, Sudan University for Science and Technology. The ceremony took place in Osaif town, Read Sea, and it was honored by the Governor of Red Sea, H.E. Dr. Ali Ahmed Hamid, the Federal Minister of Human Resources, H.E. Dr. Amna Derar, the General Secretary of the National Council for Literacy and Adult Education, Mr. Mohammed Hammad, the Minister of Education of Red Sea State, Mrs. Fatma Mustafa Alkhalifa, and the Major of Osaif, Mr. Ahmed Osman Alsamri.


The ceremony resulted the literacy project “Scientific and Technological Illiteracy Eradication Comprehensive Approach for Women at the Red Sea Coast”, led by the Director of the UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology, Dr. Alshefa Abdelgadir. Project aimed to raise the literacy of the rural women from the tow localities of Halaib and Jabeet Al Maadin in alphabetization, nutrition, women life skills, and microfinancing with Sudanese banks. Project started in October of 2015, and was financed by the national partners: the Aryab Company for Mining, the Microfinance Unit at Sudan Central Bank, the Federal Ministry of Welfare and Social Security.