Global Young Academy contributes to UNESCO’s consultation on Open Science


As UNESCO leads a global dialogue in view of building a consensus on Open Science, including youth in the conversation has been essential from the beginning. UNESCO is committed to work together with young people to drive social innovation and change, and participate fully in the development of their societies. In Open Science has the potential to cultivate science for the benefit of all and to close developmental gaps around the world. Young scientists play a key role in research, innovation and shaping the future of science, their perspectives are therefore valuable in a global consultation to develop the future UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

The Global Young Academy (GYA)’s first e-Conference provided an opportunity for discussion with the young scientists. Members of GYA and representatives of National Young Academies gathered online on 25 June to consolidate their input for the consultation process to shape the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. Members of the GYA are leading young scientists worldwide, in the early stages of their independent academic career, who are selected based on their scientific excellence and the service they provide to their societies.

After two keynote presentations by Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture and Society of Wellcome Trust and Ana Persic, from UNESCO, the participants discussed the perspectives, opportunities and challenges of young scientists in the context of the transition to open science. The results of the discussions will be consolidated in the GYA input to the UNESCO’s global consultation on Open Science as a contribution from young scientists to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

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