Global Citizenship Education Workshop in Baht Al Ruda, Sudan


© UNESCO: Global Citizenship Education Workshop in Baht Al Ruda, Sudan. Participants. 12/04/2017

23 April 2017


On the 12th April 2017, The UNESCO Khartoum office in collaboration with the UNESCO Beirut regional office, Ministry of Education (MoE), National Centre for Curriculum and Education Research (NCCDER), UNESCO National Commission (NATCOM) and the National Council for Literacy and Adult Education (NCLAE), have conducted orientation workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) at the National Institute of Education Bakht Al Ruda (*) in Ad Douiem, White Nile state.


During the opening session H.E. Dr. Pavel Kroupkine, the Representative of UNESCO to Sudan, emphasized the UNESCO’s commitment to promote the national initiatives in integrating the global citizenship values in the Sudanese education system, both formal and non-formal parts of it, expressed a gratitude for the efforts made by the MoE in GCED adopting, and listed various joint activities, conducted by UNESCO with the active participation of partners from the Sudanese Education Sector. Dr. Muawia Gashi, the Head of the NCCDER overviewed the Sudan’s participation in forming the Arab region road map for promoting / adopting GCED and briefed the participants of the workshop on GCED principles and on the expected role of the NCCER in influencing the current stage of curriculum development in Sudan. Mr. Mohammed Hammad, the General Secretary of the NCLAE, convoyed the wishes of H.E. Dr. Souad Abdelrazig, the Minister of Education of Sudan, for a beneficial workshop and thanked UNESCO for supporting the NCLAE to provide capacity building for trainees in the training center of Shendi as well as Sudan’s participation in regional and international literacy activities. He expressed the NCLAE commitment to mainstream GCED in the curriculum, overviewed current efforts of the NCLAE experts, and invited the NCCER to collaborate on integrating GCED in the Sudanese Education system.

© UNESCO: Global Citizenship Education Workshop in Baht Al Ruda, Sudan. Stage. 12/04/2017


The technical session started with a presentation by Dr. Muawia Gashi of the UNESCO’s developments in GCED, including the regional Arab road map for GCED promotion. The discussion focused on the national versus international values and on the global citizenship versus puritanism.


After refreshments, the fifty researchers of the NCCDER were divided into four groups to take an exercise in integrating one of the GC values into a specific subject. At the end of the workshop, each group presented how they integrated selected values, the technique they used and the challenges they faced in the integration process.


The workshop recommendations focused on the need for more discussions on Sudan selection of GC values and on integration of GCED. The workshop stressed on the importance of taking more concrete steps now rather than later, so as to catch up with the current process of new curriculum matrix and the formal education books from grade one to grade twelve (for both academic and vocational education, formal and non-formal education). The workshop recommended a close collaboration between the NCCER and the NCLAE in mainstreaming GCED in the Sudanese Education System overseen by the establishment of a joint technical committee to overview the process. The workshop stressed on the necessity of the advanced capacity building in GCED integration for NCCER and NCLAE experts, and requested UNESCO’s support in bringing in the international expertise.

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