Game "Sarmad the Adventurer" Helps Save Heritage in Iraq

28 October 2016

UNESCO is releasing 'Sarmad the Adventurer', a children’s mobile application game (in the form of a mobile application and a computer game) developed as part of the #Unite4Heritage campaign. It celebrates cultural diversity and seeks to raise awareness on the importance of protecting Iraq's heritage.

Looting and trafficking of cultural objects is one of the main threats currenltycurrently facing cultural heritage in Iraq. UNESCO is sperheadingleading global efforts to fight this phenomenon.

Here is’s the story of Sarmad the Adventurer’s story: Sarmad is a young Iraqi boy who visits his country’s archaeological sites with his grandfather. There, he spots thieves who attempt at stealingto steal antiquities. This makes him very upset and the a tough pursuit starts for Sarmad, to that tries to regain the stolen keep these objects safe. When Sarmad succeeds to do so, he is commended rewarded by a policeman for his achievement to protect Iraq’s cultural heritage. He then moves on to another site and continues his personal fight against looting and trafficking.! At every step of his the journey, Sarmad learns about the history of emblematic archaeological sites and museum objects of Iraq.

'Sarmad the Adventurer' was produced by the UNESCO Iraq Office in cooperation with the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage of Iraq, with the generous support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a bilingual game, available in English and Arabic. It is downloadable from, on Google Play and App Store.

It is aIntended primarily for game for children, it comprises ten levels of increasing difficulty. The game features major archaeological sites and museum objects in Iraq.