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Fostering cooperation over conjunctive surface and groundwater management in the transboundary Bug and Neman river basins and underlying aquifer systems

18 March 2019

The PPG Validation Meeting of the Full-Sized UNDP/GEF-funded Project on “Fostering multi-country cooperation over conjunctive surface and groundwater management in the Bug and Neman Transboundary River Basins and the underlying aquifer systems” took place at UNESCO Headquarters on 18-19 March 2019. During the meeting, national representatives and experts from the four project countries confirmed the final version of the Project Document and agreed to its submission to the GEF Secretariat. The meeting also served to present and discuss next steps, and recall the project preparation process.

The proposed project, which will be executed by UNESCO-IHP in partnership with UNECE, intends to assist Belarus and Ukraine in joining forces with Poland and Lithuania in order to reach a common understanding of the water resources of the shared basins and the underlying aquifers, as well as of the existing pressures and drivers of change impacting the sustainability of water resources and their dependent ecosystems (in particular: increasing climatic variability and change), and to move towards a joint planning and management of the basins.

The project also intends to assist the countries in:
1) Enhancing the sustainability of the transboundary freshwater resources and dependent ecosystems in the Bug and Neman basins;
2) Coming to an agreement on the policy, legal and institutional reforms needed in order to improve water security and resilience to the impacts of climatic variability and change.

This will be achieved, inter alia, by pilot testing conjunctive management solutions, and by consolidating transboundary cooperation and coordination.