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“Finding Our Future” – UNESCO works with partners to help Libyan youth formulate Constitutional Demands

11 May 2015

Tunis, 11th May 2015 – 30 youth activists coming from all regions of Libya launched today a process to develop Libyan youth demands for the constitution.

The future Libyan constitution will determine to what extent youth will be able to engage in governance, participate in political and decision-making processes and as well socio-economic development of the country.  Its pages will also outline the vision for the future Libyan society that the youth will inherit.

To enable young Libyan women and men to participate more prominently in this critical process, the six-day event “Finding Our Future: Libyan Youth Demands for the Constitution”, has been organized by UNESCO Tripoli Project Office together with UNDP, UNICEF, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and Democracy Reporting Institute, as part of a joint effort to provide a platform to allow Libyan youth to formulate their demands and discuss them directly with the Constitution Drafting Assembly representatives. 

The event, support by a grant from the UN Peacebuilding Fund, builds on the experience of previous constitutional initiatives taken by Libyan youth and will kick-start a coordinated youth participation process.  Following the conclusion of the workshop on 16th of May, the youth participants will start the second phase –to prepare the advocacy work in Libya to ensure the demands of Libyan youth are recognized and considered.