Fighting Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage Property


First day of the workshop on fighting against illicit trafficking @UNESCO

Within the framework of the EU Funded project “Cash for Work: Promoting Livelihood Opportunities for Urban Youth in Yemen”, UNESCO organized a workshop on Fighting Against Illicit Trafficking in Yemen and Djibouti “. The workshop took place in Djibouti, from 26-28 November 2019. UNESCO welcomed experts from both ministries of culture in Yemen and Djibouti, with an aim to strengthen their capacities and provide technical assistance, in view of establishing a specialized unit within the ministry of culture to prevent illicit trafficking of cultural objects.

Moreover, as part of the efforts to counter looting and (international) illicit trafficking of cultural property during conflict, the training took place in coordination with INTERPOL, UNIDROIT, national specialized police units, ICOM and other partners, for the tracking, authentication, seizure, conservation and restitution of objects stolen and illegally exported. 

Considering current trafficking routes in the region, the workshop places a specific focus on checking provenance and due diligence issues for cultural objects from Yemen entering the art market or collections, especially those of an archaeological nature, and by reporting stolen objects to the police and relevant international institutions and experts. Particular efforts will also be developed towards the use and effective implementation of export and import certificates.