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The fight against hunger in the world explained to young visitors at Expo Milan 2015

Children's Park will host one of the UN Spoon Installations from the Zero Hunger Itinerary, with content made specifically for girls and boys. The Zero Hunger Challenge, UN participation theme, will also be within the reach of children who visit Expo Milano 2015. The Children's Park also hosts one of the 18 UN installations, thus offering the vision of a world where no one, from the youngest to oldest, suffers from hunger.

This UN space, in collaboration with UNICEF Italy, has been decorated by Lorenzo Terranera who has illustrated the Zero Hunger Challenge in a comprehensible manner, also for the youngest visitors. They will discover the importance of a nutritious diet in the first 1,000 days of life as well as having access, every day, to adequate food, in terms of quantity and quantity; food waste and sustainable food systems; doubling productivity and the income of small farmers.

Among other content dedicated to children, there will also be a cartoon developed for Expo Milano 2015. In the UN space of the Children's Park you will see the animated series "Leonardo Expo", co-produced by Gruppo Alcuni e RAI, in collaboration with the United Nations Agriculture Organization (FAO) and UNESCO Office in Venice.

Following the international success of the first series, the young Leonardo is back in action to tackle food and energy challenges. The main character, inspired by the figure of Leonardo da Vinci, is committed with his inseparable friend to solve various problems including those related to nutrition, food waste, the use of water as well as natural resources and renewable energy sources.

With this same spirit, the United Nations has developed "get to Zero" an app-game for Expo Milano 2015, making the UN itinerary interactive and educational. Currently, about 800 million people go to bed hungry. The goal is to get to zero and all together we can.

Link: UN-EXPO.ORG The fight against hunger in the world explained to young visitors at Expo Milan 2015 (22/04/2015)