Experts meet to produce technical guide on education to prevent violent extremism

International experts in education and in the prevention of violent extremism met to develop the outline of a Technical Guidance document designed to support education policy-makers.

The consultation meeting, held at UNESCO Headquarters on 21-22 March 2016, brought together experts from around the world to share experiences and advise on the preparation of the technical guide.

The guide will support the work of policy-makers within ministries of education to prioritize, plan and implement effective and appropriate education-related actions that can address the drivers of violent extremism. It will also complement the publication designed for educators, A Teacher’s Guide on the Prevention of Violent Extremism, which is being finalized at the moment.

A holistic and pragmatic approach to the prevention of violent extremism through education

The meeting focused on the role and responsibilities of the education sector in preventing violent extremism in view of ensuring that the guide provides realistic and pragmatic support to policy-makers. Participants identified critical issues to be addressed in the guide such as the specific responsibilities of teachers, key skills and competencies that can help build resilience to violent extremist messaging and effective approaches to engage other sectors of society and educational stakeholders in prevention efforts.

The guide will be designed as a policy tool adaptable for education sectors in different world contexts. A first draft will be made available during the Global Meeting on Prevention of Violent Extremism, set to take place in September 2016.