Experts meet to assess the World Reference Level qualifications system after field-testing

14 March 2018

On 14 March 2018, UNESCO organized a World Reference Levels experts’ group meeting in Brussels, hosted by the European Commission, in the same week of the European Commission Conference to mark the tenth anniversary of the European Qualifications Framework.

The aim of the seventh experts’ group meeting is to evaluate the efficiency and relevance of the proposed world reference levels (WRL) tool after it has undergone field-testing in several countries, including South Africa, United Arab Emirates, England and Scotland.

In the context of a growing number and diversity of qualifications and credentials, an escalation in migration, and the globalisation of the labour market, the feedback is a step further in the process of improving the tool to support and facilitate learner and worker mobility and recognition of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) qualifications across borders.

In partnership with regional and global organisations, UNESCO has since 2014 worked towards developing a set of WRLs as a response to the recommendation by the Shanghai Consensus 2012: “To identify a set of world reference levels, to facilitate the international comparison and recognition of TVET qualifications.”

The experts will discuss how to further improve the WRL tool and its function to support regional qualification frameworks and standardise the way in which learning outcomes, qualifications and credentials are described, so that the tool functions as a credible translation mechanism for transparency of qualifications across borders and quality assurance.