Expert group meeting on best practices in mobile learning


The Unit for ICT in Education hosted an expert group meeting on best practices in mobile learning on 22-24 May at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The meeting was organized to discuss the planning and implementation of the UNESCO-Fazheng project on Best practices in mobile learning, which aims to guide school-wide planning and integration of mobile learning to create inclusive and equitable learning environments in order to ensure the quality, effectiveness and relevance of education for digital economies and societies.

The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Svein Osttveit, the Director a.i. of the Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems within the Sector for Education, who emphasized the importance of ICT as enablers of progress in taking forward 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and SDG4. After the opening remarks of the director, the representative of the Fazheng Group, Ms. Yao Yu also welcomed the participants and explained that in the 21st century students need to be prepared for the unknown and pointed out how this preparation can be assisted by technology. Mr. Fengchun Miao, the Chief of the Unit for ICT in Education concluded the opening of the meeting by stressing the importance of school-wide practices and the establishment of e-schools worldwide.

The project itself aims to share examples of successful school-wide mobile learning initiatives; assess their impacts on the learning and the organization of school systems; and develop a guiding framework promoting future e-school models and practices towards the achievement of SDG4. A call for proposals was launched in March-April in search for school-wide mobile learning models in primary and secondary schools, for which more than 100 schools submitted applications. During the expert group meeting, the proposals were discussed and the best seven models from different regions around the world were selected, which will be showcased in an upcoming UNESCO publication on mobile learning at the end of 2018.