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European Educational Area: an ambition for Europe and the World

25 January 2018

On the occasion of the first European Education Summit, organized by the European Commission today in Brussels (Belgium), the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, expressed the Organization’s support to the creation of a European Educational Area.

The Summit brought together some 20 education ministers and 500 participants, to lay the foundations for this common space by 2025, focusing on innovation, inclusion and education based on common values.

The Director-General welcomed Europe’s "political reinvestment" in education.

In the face of rising inequalities, Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Culture, Education, Youth and Citizenship stressed the need for a strong political commitment to education to build more resilient and inclusive societies and announced the next summit in 2019.

From the adaptation of educational content and the acquisition of digital skills to the transmission of values, the Director-General outlined the shape of an educational revolution, saying "the Union’s strongest foundation will always be culture and knowledge."

Ms Azoulay underlined the importance of the role of the European Union not only in Europe but also on a global scale as a force for progress. "Europe carries the diversity of the world and has an extraordinary role to play in this globalized world," she said.

The creation of a European Educational Area was approved at the meeting of European Heads of State and Government in Gothenburg (Sweden) last November, building on the belief that education can be an important part of the solution in tackling the challenges of today's world and fostering a greater sense of belonging in face of populism and xenophobia.