EU, UNESCO and Farah al Nas inaugurate radio equipment


Amman, 25 June 2018 - Today, the European Union (EU), the UNESCO Amman Office and Farah al Nas hosted the official inauguration of the new equipment at the Farah al Nas Radio Station in Amman. Under the “Support to Media in Jordan” project, the EU has provided the equipment as part of a 1.5 million euro contribution to several Universities and local radio stations, designed to improve the ability of beneficiaries to provide high quality media content. In April 2018, two equipment inaugurations were held celebrating the EU’s generous provision of equipment at Middle East University and Yarmouk University.

The event at Farah al Nas brought together guests for a ceremony launching the modern equipment. The equipment provided to Farah al Nas included brand new microphones, a digital mixer, a transmitter and much more. Following a welcome reception, guests were provided with a guided tour of the radio station. Radio staff presented the new equipment, expressing the ways in which the equipment has facilitated their work at Farah al Nas.

In addition to the high tech equipment, UNESCO and the EU have offered Farah al Nas staff training designed to support the production of good quality radio programs and raise the next generation of media leaders.

The Deputy Executive Director of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), Mr. Mohammed Al-Amoush commended the ongoing cooperation of the European Union and the UNESCO Amman office and stated, “The support we have received has not been limited to upgrading the equipment, but also includes capacity development. We are now bringing radio closer to the community it serves through program production and reaching out to listeners by establishing the Farah Al Nas listeners’ club”.

UNESCO Associate Project Officer, Ms. Hanadi Gharaibeh, participated in a live interview on 98.5FM (Farah al Nas radio). In the segment, Ms. Gharaibeh discussed the critical importance of encouraging community radio stations in Jordan and highlighted UNESCO’s mandate and leading role in promoting freedom of expression, media freedom and access to information, clearly acknowledging the EU’s cooperation. “I would like to strongly recognize the unwavering support and strong partnership of the European Union in Jordan”.

From the European Delegation, Head of Cooperation, Mr. Ibrahim Laafia reiterated the EU's continuous support to the media sector in Jordan. "The European Union values support to media as a key development and advocacy actor. We support media in Jordan in different spheres and we recognize the role media plays in promoting a democratic debate, strengthening inclusive development and diversity and enhancing community engagement".

Since 2014, the STMJ project has worked to support Jordan’s efforts in advancing Jordanian media to further increase its freedom, independence and professionalism. The EU has generously funded these efforts, and has played an active role in collaborating with UNESCO to strengthen an enabling regulatory and institutional environment and enhance the capacity for an independent, quality based media sector in Jordan serving the entire population. The EU and UNESCO share similar values and believe that a free, independent and professional media environment is fundamental to the process of democracy and sustainable development.