Enriching knowledge through exchanges between Haitian and Chilean biosphere reserves

Representatives of the National Agency for Protected Areas and the National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO Haiti met in July in Chile, with the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF-Chile) to learn about the management of Chilean biosphere reserves.

The delegation comprised Ematel Belance, Director of the National Agency for Protected Areas; Dieufort Deslorges and Martine Mathieu from the Haitian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO; and Alberto Hernandez of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme. During their visit they explored the management models of La Campana - Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve, and discussed cooperation protocols, shared experiences and the possibility of strengthening capabilities between the two nations.

This visit gave rise to new opportunities to exchange practices and seek benefits for both countries within the framework of South-South Cooperation.
Haiti has a high biodiversity of species: out of a total of 12,509 species over 8,800 are endemic to the country. In 1926, the country created its first protected area and in 2012 La Selle was declared Haiti’s first biosphere reserve. For its part, Chile has ten biosphere reserves, covering 11.438.951 hectares, encompassing desert, the Andes, islands and ice.