Engaging Field Offices on Strategic Transformation


Field Offices have been playing an important role in the Strategic Transformation process through participation of field colleagues in the Thematic Working Groups. In addition, Directors and Heads of Field Offices have also been engaged in one day consultations on the current process in September 2018.

In order to reach out to the largest number of field colleagues, the Support Unit for Transformation, in collaboration with the Field Support Coordination and Bureau of Financial Management, has organized a series of meetings with various Field Offices to introduce the Strategic Transformation process and gather input from field perspective.

Charaf Ahmimed, Head of Support Unit for Transformation, presented the Transformation process to Field Office colleagues, highlighting the different stages of the process which started in April 2018 following the Director General's address to the ExB 204. "Engagement with Field Offices and communicating their good practices are essential to the Strategic Transformation," Ahmimed said. He detailed the pillars of the Transformation and current progress of the Thematic Working Groups which are: UNESCO'S Operational efficiency, Communication, Strategic Partnership, and UNESCO's presence in the world.

The questions asked by Field Office colleagues to the Support Unit during the meetings mainly focused on how UNESCO will fund the transformation, how the transformation aligns with UN reform, how Field Offices can position themselves to support the transformation, and if intersectoral work will be revamped under the transformation. Colleagues also expressed their input about the need to revamp Field Office websites and translating UNESCO documents to local languages.

Meetings on Strategic Transformation engagement have so far been held for Field Offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Kathmandu, Harare, Rabat, Santiago and Nairobi. Additional meetings will be held over the course of the next months.