Empowering teachers with skills for Education for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

, Nigeria

Building on the capacity of youth to become civically engaged citizens has been a top priority for Victoria Ibiwoye, a youth advocate from Nigeria and participant of a UNESCO youth training programme developed in the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Having led OneAfricanChild Foundation since 2013, Victoria believes that the best of leaders are those who turn followers into leaders. Hence, she invests her time in facilitating engaging workshops to groom youth facilitators within her organization to deliver lessons on ESD to students and teachers in low-income communities.

The organization uses experiential learning models as a tool to teach ESD, leveraging on the capacity of youth volunteers to deliver workshops to teachers and students. A powerful example to show how OneAfricanChild Foundation is empowering young people to achieve great results is through its ESD teacher training programme where youth volunteers are trained to become facilitators and with the skills acquired, they deliver workshops to teachers and school leaders to incorporate ESD into their teaching styles.

“During a workshop held at NAOWA Nursery and Primary School in Lagos, we introduced Emotional Intelligence (EI) as a theme to explore relationships between teachers and learners in the classroom, empowering teachers through the knowledge of EI to improve their effectiveness and address difficulties faced by students with different learning needs”, Victoria stated, describing how facilitators translate their experience to empower diverse groups of teachers with skills on ESD.