Employability, Democracy and Sustainable Communities on top of the survey on the thematic agenda of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum

For the first time in its 14-year history, the UNESCO Youth Forum is designed by young people. Through a series of online surveys and consultations, young women and men from all regions of the world can decide on the Forum’s thematic agenda, preparatory process, format and overall programme.

An integral part of UNESCO’s General Conference, the Youth Forum is a unique space allowing youth delegates from across the world to share their experiences, exchange ideas and submit their proposals to representatives of 195 UNESCO Member States, thereby contributing to the global debate on UNESCO’s strategic orientations on youth.

Phase 1 of the online consultation was successfully concluded allowing youth to identify the Forum’s thematic agenda!

From 14 to 24 February 2013, 1,895 young women and men across the world responded to the online Survey on the theme of the Forum, selecting two thematic priority areas among the 7 themes suggested.

Employability & Democracy and sustainable communities were the top two choices with respectively 515 respondents for the first one (majority in Europe and North America and Africa) and 512 respondents for the second one (majority in the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean).

All detailed results of this survey will be available soon on this website!

It is now time to launch Phase 2, through a new online survey.

From 14 March to 9 April 2013 you, women and men between 15 and 35 years old, will be able to contribute to:

  • Formulate the main theme of the Forum which should combine both thematic areas: Employability & Democracy and sustainable communities, in a more youth-friendly language.
  • Identify innovative modalities of the Forum on the format (plenaries, thematic debates, working groups, capacity-building sessions, etc.) as well as on the outcome (recommendations, action projects, roadmap, network building, etc.).

Don’t hesitate to participate in Phase 2, by filling in the questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C5J2CSD

For more information and details on the whole preparatory process of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, please contact the UNESCO Youth Programme at youth(at)unesco.org.