Domestic Financing: a Myth or a Reality?


This consultative meeting will bring together ANCEFA and members of the Global Movement for Education including Global Campaign for Education Board and Secretariat representatives, representatives of regional networks from Asia, South Pacific, Eastern Europe, Global North, Latin America and the Caribbean, Arab and the Middle East, and other civil society advocacy organizations from Africa and the diaspora to interact to explore innovative ways of financing Education.
The consultations will provide  a great opportunity to reflect on the status of Education Financing in Africa, the challenges and opportunities for achieving adequate domestic financing, adequate and equitable education systems for the realization of the objectives of Agenda  2063, the Continental Education Strategy for Africa as well as the Sustainable Development Goals notably SDG4.
The workshop will culminate in a Press conference with the presence of national and international media to bring to the attention of the public and policy the expectations of the African Civil Society with regards to the financing of equitable and inclusive public education.


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