Director-General visits the workshop of UNESCO Artist for Peace, Alain Husson-Dumoutier

, France

On 10 June 2015, the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, visited the workshop of UNESCO Artist for Peace, Alain Husson-Dumoutier.

During this meeting, Alain Husson-Dumoutier informed the Director-General of his current and upcoming projects. He notably updated the Director-General on his initiative to organize, at United Nations’ Headquarter in Geneva and in New York, an exhibition of his works entitled “The Three Holy Books for Peace” as well as “Courage, Will, Life: survivors of the Holocauste”. Alain Husson-Dumoutier also recalled that his work is primarily a reflection on life and not only death. The words of his work carry a humanist message, a call to foster what is best in human beings – courage, will, life. During this meeting, Alain Husson-Dumoutier also expressed his wish to support, through his artistic work, the activities of the Organization aiming to raise public awareness on the question of climate change.

The Director-General congratulated Alain Husson-Dumoutier for the exceptional nature of his work and for his continued support to the messages, which are at the heart of the Organization’s mandate. She stressed that UNESCO fully endorses the message that the artist conveys through his work. The Director-General also recalled that UNESCO works alongside many specialized partner agencies to share educational resources and develop knowledge that will help students to become more tolerant and aware of the human rights violations and other threats, which are among International Community’s Challenges. She also expressed her gratitude to Alain Husson-Dumoutier for his interest towards the climate change issue and welcomed his initiative to undertake commun activities in the framework of UNESCO’s participation at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11).

Painter and sculptor Alain Husson-Dumoutier was designated as a UNESCO Artist for Peace in November 1999. This artist of rich and various inspirations, he expresses himself outside trends and schools, while remaining resolutely innovative and interested in the themes of humanity.