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The Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova welcomed the recognition of freedom of expression and information in the new Tunisian Constitution

"This is a victory for democracy, civic debate and human rights," said Irina Bokova.

The Director-General welcomed the adoption by the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly (NCA) of the new constitution on January 26th just before midnight. "This is a victory for democracy, civic debate and human rights," said Irina Bokova. "I particularly welcome the adoption of Articles 31 and 32 on freedom of opinion, expression and information, which reflect the recommendations of UNESCO and represent the culmination of a nearly two years of advocacy and awareness of Tunisian civil society, advocates of freedom of expression and international partners. "

UNESCO had decided soon after the Tunisian revolution in 2011 to open an office in Tunis loaded antenna including efforts by the country in this direction. The World Day of Press Freedom was celebrated for the first time in its history in Tunis in 2012, under the auspices of UNESCO. The Organization is also strongly committed to the training of journalists and media development "which are the pillars of civic debate and pluralistic information in a democratic society." Since 2011 various training workshops, support to community radio stations, awareness and support for public policies and actors were put in place, the safety of journalists and freedom of the press.

During his Visit to UNESCO Headquarters, at the Leaders Forum of the 37th session of the General Conference (6 November 2013), Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, had marked his appreciation for the unwavering backing of the UNESCO's efforts in the country.

The Director-General also stressed the importance of equal rights for men and women, recognized by the constitution, and represents another significant step forward for fundamental human rights. "This Constitution represents a great hope, and we will continue to work with Tunisia to live the promises it contains. "concluded the Director-General.