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The Director-General reaffirms her commitment to the strategic transformation at the opening of the UNESCO Executive Board

08 October 2018

In her inaugural address to the plenary session of the 205th Executive Board of UNESCO, Director-General Audrey Azoulay recalled the challenges facing multilateralism today. "A century after the Great War, the divide is widening between voices that challenge multilateralism in principle, and those that defend dialogue and collective action," said Ms. Azoulay.

In response to the seriousness of the crisis, the Director-General reaffirmed the urgent need to initiate the strategic transformation process she has proposed for UNESCO, the guidelines of which are being brought to the attention of the Board, with immediate first steps: "Never before has our mandate been so relevant. Of this, there can be no doubt. What we must demonstrate, however, is our ability to keep our rendezvous with history,” Ms. Azoulay added.

"I have no doubt that by following this path that we have undertaken, we will succeed fully in honoring what we must call an ideal; and we defend it where others would renounce it," concluded the Director-General.

His Excellency Sebastián Piñera, President of the Republic of Chile, addressed the members of the Council on the urgency of the global fight for quality education, and called for the further strengthening of cooperation with UNESCO in this field, particularly in his own country.