Director-General inaugurates Tara’s “Ocean and Climate” Pavilion

On 12 November, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, and Romain Troublé, Secretary- General of the Tara Foundation, inaugurated the Tara’s “Ocean and Climate” Pavilion, located in the heart of Paris (France) at the Pont Alexandre III near the Grand Palais.

“This space is a meeting place to discuss, to understand and to join together for the protection of the ocean. UNESCO and all our partners will be at your side throughout the COP21 Conference to put the ocean at the heart of our ambitions for the planet,” declared Irina Bokova.

The Director-General emphasized UNESCO and Tara’s “beautiful history” since the signature of a cooperation agreement in June 2013 and thanked in particular Agnès b, whose support has been essential for the creation of the Tara Foundation and whose commitment serves as a great inspiration for many.

Romain Troublé, Secretary-General of the Tara Foundation, underscored the importance of an initiative like Tara, not only to conduct research, but also to reach schoolchildren, the generation that will lead our world 10 years from now, to reach the public at large and to give a voice to the ocean that is heard by policy makers worldwide. He highlighted the work of the crew and the researchers who assisted him in this 10 year long journey, who sailed with him for 300.000 km, across all oceans, in 10 expeditions.

The 600-square-meter space will present the essential role of the ocean in climate regulation through exhibitions, scientific conferences, and film screenings. Within the Ocean & Climate Platform, Tara Expeditions will seek to raise awareness about the need to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate at COP21.

The Tara research vessel will be docked in the heart of Paris until 18 December 2015 and is open to the public.