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Director-General calls ‎for the respect of tolerance in sport

17 October - In a context of worrisome intolerance at sporting events, the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, made the following statement :

“Sport was made to bring people and cultures together around shared values, around fair play. 

UNESCO believes in sport as an essential part in the struggle for tolerance and against racism. Sport should be an opportunity for individual and collective fulfilment, and should never be a platform to convey messages of hatred, discrimination and rejection of others.

The 5th UNESCO World Sports Ministers Conference – MINEPS V – held in May 2013 in Berlin, reaffirmed that every single woman and man must have the opportunity to access and participate in sport as a fundamental right. 

"This is more important than ever, and I appeal to all to respect these essential values" declared Irina Bokova.