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Director-General Addresses the Plenary Session of the 192nd Session of the Executive Board

On 30 September, the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, addressed the Plenary Session of the 192nd session of UNESCO’s Executive Board, which will convene at UNESCO headquarters in Paris until 11 October.

The Director-General presented an overview of the achievements of the Organization in implementing its activities, budget and programme in the past 6 months, including UNESCO’s response to the financial crisis. The Director-General outlined the progress attained and the challenges that have been overcome during this period and she shared her vision on tackling those that remain.

“We must continue what we have started and, in the uncertainty of change, we must never lose touch with our goal, for UNESCO to remain in the words I cited earlier – a light in the dark, an international point of reference, a house of dialogue and consensus,” said the Director-General.

“We can shape together the UNESCO the world needs today”.

The Executive Board, which consists of 58 Member States elected by the General Conference, will examine the programme of the work for the Organization and the corresponding budget estimates submitted by the Director-General.