Design for Sustainability: Worldview Design Dimension - online course to begin soon

28 April 2016


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The Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) online course is offering the Worldview programme beginning on the 9th of May and running until the 4th of July 2016.

This programme invites you to become more conscious about how your own worldview and value system affects your perceived needs and how it informs the way you might propose and design solution in any given situation. By identifying a series of valid perspectives, worldviews and value systems and putting them into context with each other, rather than seeing them as mutually exclusive or contradictory, we are taking the important first step to being able to facilitate the complex multi-stakeholder dialogues upon which the local, regional and global transition to sustainability and regenerative cultures will depend.

The full programme consists of the four Dimensions of Sustainability; Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldview. Each of the Dimensions can also be taken separately as stand-alone courses.

Join a global classroom with peers from across the world and learn with the lead of field experts.