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Declaration of the Eleventh East Atlantic Biosphere Reserves Meeting

Organized by the UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme, the Government of Spain via its Autonomous Organism for National Parks (OAPN), and the Regional Government of Principe Island, the Eleventh International Meeting of the East Atlantic Biosphere Reserve Network (REDBIOS) took place at the Biosphere Reserve of the Island of Príncipe, Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, from 3 to 9 May 2013.

The biosphere reserves of the REDBIOS Network agreed to reinforce their commitment to the development of the MAB programme by creating a collaborative platform that promotes and supports interaction both among the biosphere reserves, and between the reserves, the UNESCO MAB national committees, public and governmental entities, and other geographical and thematic networks within the MAB programme.

The REDBIOS Network established different priority work areas: natural resource management, education and knowledge, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, enhancement and integrated management of the landscape, and management of quality economic processes. These areas will be supported by biosphere reserve brands and certification systems, the promotion of responsible tourism, and the use of information and communication technologies as management tools.

The network will follow the view, proposed by the BiosphereSmart initiative, to maximize the use of new information technologies to build a covenant for a sustainable future and promote a transition to green societies based on knowledge. Citizens become both beneficiaries and key actors of the information and participation tools of the project.