Data Favela Forum webinars discuss racism and inequality in pandemic times in Brazil

10 - Reduced Inequalities

The Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), Instituto Locomotiva, and UNESCO in Brazil promotes a series of webinars called "Data Favela Forum", and its first edition was held on 17 June 2020. The theme for the first webinar was "Racism, Covid-19, and Inequality in Brazil", and discussed how the black community is more vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic and how racism has manifested itself in society. The CEO of Favela Holding and CUFA, Celso Athayde, and the president of Instituto Locomotiva, Renato Meirelles, will host the debates. The debate has also brought as guests the Director and Representative of UNESCO in Brazil, Marlova Noleto, the President of CUFA Global, Preto Zezé, the President of Feira Preta Adriana Barbosa, and actors Bruno Gagliasso and Hélio de la Peña. The first virtual meeting has presented in first hand the data resulted from the "Faces do Racismo" survey.

The second webinar took place on 24 June 2020 with the theme "Technology in the slums and the collaboration of organizations to face the impacts of the pandemic". The founders of Data Favela, CEO of Favela Holding and founder of CUFA Celso Athayde, together with Renato Meirelles, founder and president of Instituto Locomotiva, presented the features resulted from the unprecedented survey "Reality of Favelas Facing COVID-19". In addition to Celso and Renato, the Director and Representative of UNESCO in Brazil Marlova Noleto, the Brazilian Rapper and Songwriter Karol Conka; the Actress Mariana Ximenes; the Brazilian Composer and Singer Dudu Nobre; the Human Rights activist, Community Journalist and Representative of Coletivo Papo Reto Raul Santiago; and the Sociologist Neca Setúbal.

Data Favela Forum will have its third webinar on 01 July with the theme "Economy, periphery and diversity", also led by Celso Athayde and Renato Meirelles. The following participants were invited for the panel of debates: the Director and Representative of UNESCO in Brazil Marlova Noleto, Celso Athayde from CUFA, Renato Meirelles from Locomotiva Institute; the President of JR Diesel Geraldo Rufino; Adriana Babosa from Feira Preta, Paulo Correa, the C&A CEO in Brazil, the TV Presenter and Entrepreneur Luciano Huck, ant the Entrepreneur in the tourism sector Edimara Celi.

Data Favela Forum already has other webinars on the agenda, which take place on Wednesdays. The next webinar is planned to take place on 08 July 2020 with the theme "The challenges of Favelas after COVID-19".