Damaged Heritage Rehabilitation Program Of Northern Mali: Tombouctou Hosted The Monitoring Committee

12 December 2017

As part of the rehabilitation program of the damaged heritage of northern Mali, the monitoring commettee was relocated to Tombouctou on november 28 in the IHERI-ABT conference room. The objective of this meeting was to bring together the main partners, present the progress of the activities and discuss the prospects for consolidating the efficiency and the effectiveness of the program, as wellas to better involve the communities to follow-up the differnt works.     

           The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Koina Ag Ahmadou , governor of Tombouctou, who had with him Mr.Dicko Mamadou, prefect of the Tombouctou circle, Mr Boubakar Touré ,first deputy mayor, Mrs. Diallo Kadia Maiga , secretary general of COMNAT, Mr. Bandiougou Diawara, representing the head of the UNESCO office in Bamako, Mr. Boulkassoum Hasseye, community representative. It also noted the presence of customary   and religious authorities, communities, media men, to name but a few.

            In his address, the governor expressed his gratitude to the international community for its actions in favor of the rehabilitation and protection of the Malian cultural heritage in general and Tombouctou in particular. ‘’The community of Tombouctou is pleased to see that those of the second phase are progressing well. We are hope full that in the coming days we will see the realization of all these works for the happiness of the population’’.

Mr. Boulkassoum Hasseye , community representative, on behalf of the communities, thanked UNESCO and its partners for its support. “We have been hoping to see our heritage rebuilt. It’s done.  We are pleased with the results of this first phase of the program. For the second phase, we request the reconstruction of the fences of the cemeteries sheltering the mausoleums, the rehabilitation of the libraries, the translation and the popularization of the contents of the ancient manuscripts as well as the works of development of the square AL FAROUCK, historical symbol of the city,…”                                           

Mr. Bandiougou Diawara, for this part, on behalf of the UNESCO representative in Mali, convoyed UNESCO’s cordial greetings to the communities for their commitment to the protection and safeguarding of exceptional world heritage. He said that Mrs. Audrey Azouley, new director of UNESCO, in her inauguration speech on November 15, mentioned her willingness to continue UNESCO’s action in Tombouctou.                                                                                    He then recalled that the choice of Tombouctou to host this meeting of the monitoring committee is not fortuitous, because it is question of giving more time to the visits, which will allow continuing the exchanges and discussion with experts in charge of works.                           city,=:;,ù$storical symbol of th=:;,ù$ipts as well as the works of development of the square AL FAROUCK, historical symbol of th

            He once again thanked the partners for the results archived but “however much remains to be done. That it’s why we urge all partners to support the second phase, in Oder to meet the expectations of the communities, “he said”.

The ceremony ended with the presentation by Mr. Fidèle Guirou, coordinator of the rehabilitation program, of the mayor action that have been carried out, followed by participatory exchanges.