Community Radio Day in Port Sudan


©UNESCO: Community Radio Day in Port Sudan, 19/02/2018: Participants

22 February 2018

On 19 February 2018, the UNESCO Khartoum Office organized the Community Radio Day in Port Sudan, in Main Hall of the Red Sea University. The event took place being in frameworks of the project for Strengthening Rural Radio Broadcasting in the East of Sudan, which was entrusted to UNESCO by Italy. About 180 participants including 50 representatives of rural communities of the Red Sea state enjoyed the event, which was honored by the top state’s authorities, such as the Red Sea’s Vice Governor, Minister of Culture and Information, Minister of Education, Minister of Urban Planning, Head of Police, Heads of several rural Localities, and other distinguished state’s functionaries and representatives from Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.


©UNESCO: Community Radio Day in Port Sudan, 19/02/2018: Children’s performance.


Three hours of live music, speeches and performances passed quickly. All rural representatives received the radio-sets from UNESCO and Italian Agency for Development Cooperation for further listening the Community Radio Service’s transmissions of the Red Sea’s Radio, which broadcasting was increased by the state’s authorities in November from 15 min per day to 60 min per day, and the decision was taken to increase it further – up to 120 min per day.


© UNESCO: Community Radio Day in Port Sudan, 19/02/2018: Distribution of radio-sets among representatives of Red Sea’s rural communities