Commencement of the pre-construction phase of the Bamiyan Cultural Centre



UNESCO Office in Kabul / The very first physical phase of the journey to the completion of Bamiyan Cultural Centre building has begun. The technical experts and architects started on the pre-construction activities which include geotechnical studies as of 9 September 2015.

As the result of the successful design competition on Bamiyan Cultural Centre which had a total of 1,070 entries and was recognized worldwide as one of the biggest international architectural competitions ever, the winning entry entitled Descriptive Memory: The Eternal Presence of Absence is now on its way to visibly inspire the people of Bamiyan.

UNESCO continues to advocate for likewise projects across Afghanistan as a way to establish a creative economy via cultural heritage.


While waiting for the Bamiyan Cultural Centre building to be finalized in the next two years, UNESCO is working on establishing a virtual Bamiyan Cultural Centre on so that exhibitions on the richness of Afghan history and culture can be accessible to a wide public.