Come and discover Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Standards

02 September 2016

Given the many challenges our societies and environment are facing, children and young people across the globe must be equipped to positively shape their future and be empowered to learn and live in an increasingly sustainable manner. Practical environmental education that is integrated across the curriculum has been shown to offer a wide variety of benefits both for students, teachers, the environment and wider society.

In 2011 the U.S. State of Maryland introduced a pioneering Environmental Literacy Standard which mandates that all Maryland students are environmentally literate by graduation. Environmental literacy is now taught in very diverse and holistic methods throughout the school curriculum (often in great hands-on outdoor experiences such as restoring reefs and wetlands, planting trees and learning at outdoor environmental education centres). Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Standards, winner of the silver Future Policy Award in 2015, provides an excellent holistic model of sustainable and environmental education that has been implemented with the support of a broad coalition of partners.

The World Future Council (WFC) is looking to connect with Ministries and legislators who might be interested to learn first-hand, in an international workshop in Maryland (12-14 October 2016), about Maryland’s successful environmental education legislation, exchange best practice and identify potential policy reforms.

To encourage Ministries and legislators from around the world to benefit from this opportunity to share international best practice on education for sustainable development, the World Future Council will cover travel, accommodation and local meal and transport costs. If you are interested in participating in the event, please contact