Celebration of the International Day for Peace in the Khartoum / Omdurman / Bahri metropolis

17 October 2016

On the 17th October 2016 the Head of the Khartoum office of UNESCO, Mr. Pavel Kroupkine participated in the International Day for Peace celebration, which took place in the University of Bahri, Kadaro Compound. The celebration was organized by the UNESCO Chair for Peace – the Center for Peace and Development Studies under patronage of Prof. Ayob Adam Khalil, Vice-Chancellor of the University.


In his welcoming speech Mr. Kroupkine delivered to the participants of the celebration the message of the General Director of UNESCO, Ms. Irina Bokova on occasion of the International Day of Peace, and expressed his excitement by the achievements of the National Dialogue in Sudan, when representatives of seventy-four political parties and thirty-four armed movements in Sudan joined their efforts contributing to the peace and development in the Sudanese society. Signing the National Document by the President on 10th October 2016 opens a way to a new Constitution of Republic, which could lead to the peace and stability in Sudan having been hampered by internal strife for approximately fifty of their sixty years of independence. Sudanese women represented 33% of participants in the process – and this is a great sign of their growing influence on the society.