Candidates for post of Director-General to be interviewed on Wednesday and Thursday

24 April 2017

The 58 members of the Executive Board of UNESCO, chaired by Michael Worbs (Germany), will interview the candidates proposed by Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, France, Guatemala, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar, and Viet Nam, for the post of Director-General of the Organization on Wednesday 26 April and Thursday 27 April at UNESCO Headquarters, starting at 9.45 am on each day.

The interviews, webcast in high definition, will be accessible at, where the order of the interviews will be posted after 6pm on 24 April) along with other relevant information.

Each candidate will have an opportunity to meet the press right after her or his interview at a designated press area at UNESCO.

The webcast will also be available at the press area and UNESCO will supply an SDI 1080i50 (HQ) video signal for journalists wishing to record interviews, provided they bring their own recording equipment. Recordings of the interviews will be available here as of the early evening of Friday, 28 April.

The Director-General is nominated by the Executive Board and appointed by the General Conference for a period of four years. The person to be nominated by the Executive Board shall be chosen by secret ballot, in a vote that will take place during the Board's 202nd session in October 2017. Subsequently, the Chairperson of the Board will inform the General Conference, during its 39th session in November 2017, of the candidate nominated by the Board. The General Conference shall consider this nomination and then elect, by secret ballot, the person proposed by the Executive Board.


Journalists wishing to cover the process at UNESCO should request accreditation from UNESCO’s Media Section, Djibril Kébé,