Can feminist advertising be more than a simple publicity stunt?


Have you heard of “fem-washing”?  Based on the new popularity of feminism, numerous brands now include empowering messages in their ads, while remaining more driven by the commercial asset it can represent rather than a shift in the mindsets. What is, then, the impact, and what are the limits, of feminist advertising, or “fem-vertising” ? Can it really become a concrete step towards gender equality?

We are delighted to welcome Christelle Delarue, an activist working in advertising, to answer these questions with us. Founder of the feminist agency Mad & Women and the organization “Les Lionnes”, she will tell to us why feminist advertising is crucial to end gender stereotypes and inequalities.

This Gender Views session will take place on Thursday 23 January at 11:30.

Please note that the session will be held in French.

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