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Call for nominations: Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (MOWLAC) of the Memory of the World Programme is seeking nominations of documents or sets of documents from archives, libraries, including audiovisual, of any format and kind for inscription on the Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean.

All interested public and private institutions (libraries, archives, museums), international associations, private companies and individuals are invited to send their proposals to the regional register.

Documentary heritage traces the evolution of thought, discoveries and achievements of human society. It is the legacy of the past to the present and future global community. Even today, the documentary heritage of many peoples is dispersed due to accidental or deliberate displacement of funds and collections, to the spoils of war or other historical circumstances. The growing awareness of these risks warns that remedies are urgently required.

The Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean has 86 inscriptions since 2002, which include various collections on politics, philosophy, literature and music, in text, graphic and audiovisual format, of regional scope. The Latin American and Caribbean list also addresses issues of human rights, indigenous status and slavery. Among others, are collections relating to documentary heritage on the resistance and the struggle for human rights in the Dominican Republic between 1930 and 1961, the "Files for truth, justice and memory in the struggle against State terrorism" in Argentina ranging from the years 1976 to 1983, "Silver Men: West Indian laborers in the Panama Canal", and Registry of slaves of the British Caribbean between 1817 and 1834.

Listing on the Register is not an end in itself; it is a start. This is an opportunity to provide recognition and enhance the value of our documentary treasures. Listing publicly ratifies the regional significance of the documents in question, and makes them part of a visible set that have had considerable impact on the social and cultural history of the world. It thus stimulates their promotion and access, becoming a source of pride and recognition, visibly justifying investments for conservation and safety.

The deadline for submission of nominations is 31 August 2013. More information on the submission of nominations to MOWLAC is available here. The MOWLAC website can be accessed here.