The UN in Brazil calls for efforts to fight forest fires

13 - Climate Action

The United Nations System in Brazil is deeply concerned about the fires that consume parts of the Amazon rainforest and other biomes in northern and midwestern regions of Brazil and neighboring countries. It calls for intensified efforts by governments to provide support to local communities in order to contain the burning of the vegetation, vital for climate balance and living conditions.

The Amazon plays a vital role in maintaining biodiversity as it is the largest remaining rainforest area on Earth. The UN in Brazil believes it is imperative to strengthen the region's monitoring systems to prevent illegal burning and deforestation, which could endanger the lives of 33 million people living in the region, including 420 indigenous communities.

At this time, representatives of governments, multilateral agencies and organized civil society are meeting in Salvador to discuss how Latin America and the Caribbean can respond to climate change. The UN in Brazil is participating in the discussions of the Climate Week in order to contribute with alternatives that will guarantee a safer and more sustainable planet for all, following the principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Source: ONU Brasil website.