Bogbonli Mosque Conservation Project discussed in Khiva

Khiva, Uzbekistan

The working meeting of the representatives of the UNESCO Office in Tashkent with the Head of administration of Khiva city Mr. Sobir Zhumaniyazov took place on 25 November 2019 in Khiva.

The event was also attended by the representatives of the regional department of the Khorezm region for cultural heritage and international expert Dr. Ona Vileikis, co-chairperson of the scientific symposium of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites).

During the meeting, the issues of safeguarding of cultural heritage of the region were discussed, as well as the partner project of UNESCO and the European Union "Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iran – Common Heritage along the Silk Roads and corridors to and from Europe". The project includes the conservation and restoration of the Bogbonli Mosque in Khiva, as well as the elaboration of a tourism development plan for Khiva.

It is worth noting that the project contributes to improving the living conditions of the people in the region, including youth and women, through capacity building and the creation of income-generating opportunities and jobs.



Bogbonli Mosque is located in the southern part of Itchan Kala (Khiva), World Heritage Property. Mosque was built in XIX century and is trapezoid in shape (28.7 m X 12.2 m). There is a small courtyard inside the mosque.