Bioethics and Covid-19 Response in the Arab region


There is no shortage of incredibly difficult ethical questions arising as health care systems around the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ethicists can best contribute during such pandemics by working to minimize the number of difficult choices health care providers must make and ensuring that when they’re made it’s for the right reasons.

Against this backdrop, UNESCO webinar series on “Bioethics and Corona responses in the Arab region” (April 2020) aim to provide a set of recommendations to address urgent needs of medical and public health professionals.

The first edition entitled “Covid-19 : which impact on bioethics in the Arab region?” , organized on 2 April 2020, hosting 4 experts from Lebanon.

  • Dr. Georges Rouhana- Professor of Radiology, Lebanese University, President of the Ethics Committee at the Lebanese Order of Physicians.
  • Dr. Michel Daher- Professor of Surgery, University of Balamand, and Saint Georges Hospital and Beirut CHU, General Secretary of Lebanese National Consultative committee on Ethics (CoCNLE)
  • Dr. Kamal Kallab- Professor of Neurology, Hotel Dieu of France and Faculty of Medicine, Saint Joseph University – Member of  Lebanese National Consultative committee on Ethics (CoCNLE)
  • Dr. Sami Richa- Professor and Chief of Psychiatry Service, Hotel Dieu of France and Faculty of Medicine at Saint Joseph University, President of the Lebanese Society of Psychiatry, Member of Lebanese National Consultative committee on Ethics (CoCNLE)

Participants provided an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on bioethics in the region, and reflected on the way forward. 

The webinar report  (in EN and AR) is available for download below (attention: some links contained in the document expire on 14 April 2020).