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Beyond Statistics: Call for personal stories about journalists who died in the exercise of their profession

Every year, a significant number of journalists are killed in the line of duty. They have dedicated their lives to inform the people around the world. But their deaths are more than a statistic. They have a story. They spent their careers telling other’s stories. But now it is time for us to tell theirs. If you would like to write a personal story of a journalist who has fallen, we would like to feature it.

In this context, UNESCO is calling for news outlets to produce a story about a fallen journalist, to be published or broadcasted in their respective media and languages. UNESCO will then select some of these stories to be featured on 3 May through the World Press Freedom Day website in our annual segment called “Beyond the Statistics”.

This year we dedicate the “Beyond the Statistics” page to journalists who had fallen in 2013. The individuals are remembered on the dedicated website UNESCO Condemns Killings of Journalists.

Please contact us in advance if you wish to participate in “Beyond the Statistics”. You may also contact us for additional information on the safety of journalists at a global level.

The contact persons are Mr Ming-Kuok Lim (mk.lim(at) and Ms Lien de Tavernier (, Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development.