UN and civil society launch data Platform about Venezuelans in Brazil

, Brazil
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The online Platform R4V (Response to Venezuelans) presents coordinated work between UN agencies and civil society organizations in Brazil as a humanitarian response to the situation in Venezuela.

The R4V Platform presents the Brazilian webpage that brings to the public the most recent data about the movement of Venezuelans in Brazil, as well as the number of refugees and migrants, asylum requests, and Venezuelans with permanent visa.

It is also possible to access documents, monitoring reports, informative sheets and guideline notes about the Brazilian context, besides the access to most recent news from UN in Brazil about this subject. Data used are validated and provided by the Federal Government and by partner NGOs.

The Brazilian webpage is part of the R4V Regional Interagency Coordination Platform, which is the UN response to the Venezuelan migration movement. The regional website of the Platform provides data from all countries affected by the movement of over 4 million Venezuelans that have left their country until July 2019.

The R4V Platform has the objective of strengthening the Receiving Operation, the integrated humanitarian response by the Federal Government, the United Nations, and civil society. It presents the coordinated work between the UN agencies and the civil society organizations in support of the national work force.

Alliances in favour of humanitarian response

In Brazil, more than 20 members comprise the R4V Platform; among them are the United Nations agencies and the local, national and international civil society organizations. To respond to the situation in Venezuela, the UN in Brazil predicts and investment of US$146 million. From this total, 53% have been collected through generous donations from the United States of America, Japan, Brazil, and the European Union. (Source: ONU Brasil).

For more information:
Alan Azevedo – The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Brazil
(11) 9 9650-1475
Juliana Hack – International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Brazil
(61) 9 8458-5485