Addressing Water Security: The International Hydrological Programme is hosting the 53rd Session of its Bureau

The 53rd session of the Bureau of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) will be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 19-21 April 2016 to review the functioning and implementation of the Programme and prepare the next session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council.

The planning, definition of priorities, and supervision of the execution of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) are ensured by the Intergovernmental Council. Founded in 1975 and implemented in six-year programmatic time intervals or phases, IHP is entering its eighth phase to be implemented during the period 2014-2021.

The IHP Bureau will address, among other matters, the institutional developments at UNESCO, the implementation of the Programme’s Eighth Phase, the status and operation of the UNESCO Water Family, as well as cooperation with the UN system and other organizations, especially in view of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 relating to water and sanitation.  IHP is the only intergovernmental programme of the UN system devoted to water research, water resources management, and education and capacity building.

The 22nd session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council will take place on 13-17 June 2016.

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