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Action research to improve youth and adult literacy

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, in collaboration with UNESCO Abuja, has produced a guidebook on how action research can enhance quality in youth and adult literacy education and learning. This guidebook can be used as a resource for training adult educators and implementing participatory and collaborative action research processes in the field.

“Integration of action research in curricula of training programmes for youth and adult educators can greatly enhance quality of youth and adult teaching and learning”, says Arne Carlsen, Director of UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.

UIL has invited training institutions from Africa and Asia as well as international training organizations (i.e. higher education institutions and NGOs) for a 3-day workshop 24-26 March at UIL to

  • have the five authors introduce to the new UNESCO guidebook;
  • jointly develop a policy brief on creating an enabling environment for participatory and collaborative action research; and
  • support training institutions that have or want to integrate participatory and collaborative action research into their training programmes, curricula and institutional development.

After the workshop, the collaboration for implementation and impact will be continued online and through on-site technical support. Five teacher training institutes and organisations that pilot the integration of participatory and collaborative research in their curricula will be supported by a follow-up visit by UNESCO in 2015.

Five other teacher training institutes and organisations that are interested in integrating participatory and collaborative action research into their services will be invited to join this initiative in 2016 and five more in 2017 with introductory training at sub-regional level.

The guide book is available for download (PDF, English, 906 KB).

For further information please contact Christine Glanz, Programme Specialist at mailto:c.glanz(at)