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8th Youth Forum: more action, exchange and involvement

The youth consultations for the preparation of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum continue. After listening to their view on the Forum’s thematic agenda, the second phase of consultation focused on the Forum’s preparatory process and overall programme. From 14 March to 9 April 2013, 595 young women and men between 15 and 35 years old, from all regions of the world, contributed to an online UNESCO survey to provide their ideas on the Forum’s preparation, format, activities, outputs, communication and visibility. The results show that young people expect the Youth Forum to provide them with more action, more space for informal exchange and greater involvement.

A majority of responses show that the young respondents agree with the following UNESCO proposals:

  • Make the Forum innovative by linking action projects to its recommendations (96.2%), using an independent youth jury to select the projects (89.4%);
  • Allocate more time to exchanges among participants and to youth project planning and networking (92.7%);
  • Foresee more informal space for interaction, such as group work and capacity-building workshops (92.7%).

68.1% think that at least 50% of the speakers and facilitators should be young. More than 75% of the respondents are ready to participate in the Forum through social media and other forms of remote participation. 97.6% of the respondents affirm that they would use social media.

To mention some of the other interesting proposals received, these include: the organization of online platforms allowing youth discussions on the Forum’s preparation; the selection of youth delegates at national level according to new criteria and processes (such as national competitions or contributions to the Forum through innovative ideas or action projects); the organization of capacity-building sessions for project management, and close follow-up of selected action projects; and the launching of an international youth platform.

During the first consultation phase on the Forum from 14 to 24 February 2013, 1,895 young women and men across the world responded to the online survey on the theme of the Forum, and selected two thematic priority areas among the 7 themes suggested: Employability, and democracy & sustainable communities.

During the second phase of consultation, inspired by this thematic choice, 423 suggestions were also given for short and youth-friendly titles that could be used as mottos for the Forum or as titles for its specific activities and workshops.

Read more about all the proposals and the detailed results of this survey [PDF]


An integral part of UNESCO’s General Conference, the Youth Forum is a unique space allowing youth delegates from across the world to share their experiences, exchange ideas and submit their proposals to representatives of 195 UNESCO Member States, thereby contributing to the global debate on UNESCO’s strategic orientations on youth.

For more information and details on the whole preparatory process of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, please contact the UNESCO Youth Programme at youth(at)