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8 African countries start ICT-based teacher education improvement programmes with support from China.

The 3rd UNESCO-China Funds-in-Trust (CFIT) consultative meeting (9-11 October 2013) welcomed five new African countries in the programme: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Liberia, Tanzania, and Uganda. The meeting also took stock of progress in the three initial participating countries, ie. Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, and Namibia.

The four-year Project aims at enhancing capacity development of key teacher training institutions in the target countries.

The meeting gathered country representatives, Permanent Delegates, National Commissions from all participating countries, China, as well as international experts, and staff from UNESCO field offices, IIEP and UNESCO headquarters.

The rich exchanges between the country representatives demonstrated the project's emphasis on South-South cooperation. The three initial participating countries shared their experiences working with the local Chinese Embassies and Chinese firms and presented their lessons learnt.

The conclusion of the meeting marked the commencement of a new phase for all participating countries. Implementation will start in the Ministry of National Education and Technical Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Côte d’Ivoire, the Hawassa College of Teacher Education and Bahir Dahr University of Ethiopia, and the University of Namibia. The 5 new participating countries will also immediately start their needs assessment phase.