5th Regional Ethics Teachers Training Course in Khartoum


18 May 2016

During the 16th-19th May 2016, in Soba Hospital at the University of Khartoum there took place the 5th Regional Ethics Teachers Training Course (ETTC). ETTC was organized by the Beirut office of UNESCO and the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics of the Khartoum University in collaboration with the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture and the Khartoum office of UNESCO under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The ETTC was organized in frameworks of the Bioethics Programme of UNESCO. Twenty six participants from Sudan, Egypt, Uganda and Pakistan came to Khartoum to further increase their qualification in bioethics.

The opening ceremony of the ETTC (on 16th of May 2016) was honored by Dr. Somaya Abokashawa, the Minister of Higher Education of Sudan, Dr. Pavel Kroupkine, the Head of the Khartoum office and UNESCO Representative to Sudan, Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman, the Vice Chancellor of the Khartoum University, Prof. Gasim Badri, the President of the Ahfad University for Women, and other distinguished scholars of Sudan.