1960: Memory saves lives - UNESCO supports activities in commemoration of the Great Earthquake in Valdivia, Chile

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Memory allows us not only to bring to the present historical events of the past, but to learn from them. It is thus important to ask ourselves, ‘What have we learned from the disasters? How do we prevent deaths from earthquakes and tsunamis? How do we commemorate the pandemic?’

60 years ago, Chile was struck by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. With the conviction that commemorating an emergency helps us prepare better for the next, on 22 May 2020, the Fundación Proyecto Memoria, in collaboration with the Regional Programme of Strengthening Cultural Identity of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile and with the support of UNESCO's National Office in Chile, will organize an event entitled: "1960: memory saves lives.”  This is a virtual event live from the Los Ríos Region, the epicenter of the earthquake, and constitutes one of the greatest acts of collective resilience in the history of Chile after the 1960 earthquake.

The day-long event consists of a series of activities where the cultures meet the sciences.  Among the commemorative activities include a virtual breakfast between Chilean geographer, Marcelo Lagos and survivors of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan and Chile; educational activities for children; an online seminar with the presence of scientists and artists; discussions on the role of audiovisual archives after disasters, among others.

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Video. 1960: memory saves lives