Invitation to a series of EABRN Training Webinars


Invitation to a series of EABRN Training Webinars


In order to share the outstanding research and governance experiences of the biosphere reserves (BRs), facilitate the capacity building of member countries and enhance the influence of the East Asia Biosphere Reserves Network (EABRN). From 1 March to 10 May 2023, the EABRN Secretariat will organize a series of online training workshops and, with the advice of the Steering Committee members, will invite experts and academics in relevant fields to act as trainers for the training webinars, focusing on a range of topics in the field of environmental conservation and reserve area management. Please find the themes and arrangements at the end of this article.


We would like to invite all EABRN, and students and experts from universities, research institutions and UNESCO Chairs to join us in the webinar. Please find the registration access below. The participants will be awarded a training certificate by the UNESCO Beijing office on the successful completion of each of the training sessions.


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      For the first training webinar:



      Biosphere Reserves for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)



      1 March 2023, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (Beijing time) 


      Trainers and speech topics:

      • Prof. SOOMRO Manzoor Hussain

      Advisor of ECO Science Foundation; Honorary Professor BTBU

      Topic: Inquiry-Based Education for Sustainable Development


      • Dr. Sue-Jung JUNG

      Director of Korea Environmental Education Institute

      Topic: Strategy of Sustainable Development Education based on BRs


      • Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuda

      Professor, Yokohama National University; UNESCO Chair holder

      Topic: Human – Deer Conflict in BRs for Education for Sustainable Development


      Key learnings of this webinar: the educational methodology for biosphere functionaries/workers and the community; inquiry based science education (IBSE); indigenous knowledge of communities, ethnobotany, ethnozoology and ecosystem services; leadership development among the participating communities; the meaning and direction of ESD in BRs; managing human-animal conflict, etc.


      Participate via Zoom

      Registration Link:




      Please keep an eye on our articles for more information on upcoming training webinars.


      The themes and dates for this webinar series is as blow (10:00 am-12:00 pm Beijing Time, every other Wednesdays):


      1. 1 March 2023: 

      Biosphere Reserves for Education for Sustainable Development

      1. 15 March 2023: 

      Disaster Risk Management

      1. 29 March 2023: 

      Information Technology for Nature Management

      1. 12 April 2023: 

      Panel Discussion on the Sharm El-Sheikh Implementation

      1. 26 April 2023: 

      Biodiversity Conservation

      1. 10 May 2023:

      Post-pandemic BR Management and Development – Ecotourism

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