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Netexplo, an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital tech on society and business, has been a UNESCO partner since 2011.

It was created in 2007 by Martine Bidegain and Thierry Happe with the support of the French Senate and Ministry of Innovation and the Digital Economy.

The Netexplo Observatory takes a unique, innovative approach to the study of digital society. Through its international spotting network, made up of globally renowned universities in the technology sphere, Netexplo explores the world for new uses of digital tech.

In November 2017, UNESCO and Netexplo have signed an agreement to renew their cooperation for the upcoming 4 years.


Netexplo 2019

17-19 April 2019, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

The Netexplo Forum 2019 takes place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on April 17th, 18th and 19th. The event will showcase 10 breakthrough digital innovations from a pool of 2500 others spotted worldwide through the Netexplo University Network. Innovators and experts will offer insights from Artificial Intelligence, big data, biotech, IOT, gaming, cybersecurity, robotics, blockchain, social media and 3D printing. The underlying theme of the event will provide a reflection upon the relation between humans and technologies and the future developments that can take place.



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The Netexplo Observatory addresses these goals by highlighting promising digital initiatives from around the world and fostering the emergence of knowledge societies.

To study digital society and explore the world for new uses of tech, the Netexplo Observatory builds its original approach on an international university network.

This voluntary network is made up of lecturers in tech-related subjects at globally renowned universities. In return for their participation they benefit from Netexplo's work and content. Their students are tasked with spotting the most innovative and promising digital projects worldwide.

The universities in the Netexplo Network are:

  • Bezalel Art & Design Academy, Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Columbia University, New York (USA)
  • ESPM, Sao Paolo (Brazil)
  • HEC Paris (France)
  • HEC Montreal (Canada)
  • IHECS Brussels, (Belgium)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore (India)
  • Kaist (South Korea)
  • Keio University, Graduate School of Media Design, Tokyo (Japan)
  • MIT Media Lab, Boston (USA)
  • National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • University of Chile, Santiago (Chile)
  • Cape Town University, Cape Town, (South Africa)
  • University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)
  • Stanford University, California (USA)
  • UTSEUS Shanghai University, Shanghai (China)
  • Oxford University, (United Kingdom)
  • IE Business School, Madrid, (Spain)
  • Jawarwal Nehru University, Delhi, (India)