Education Monitoring and Planning

Education monitoring and planning represent key pillars of the regional education program. Strong policies and plans are the foundation for building sustainable education systems, achieving educational development goals, and contributing effectively to lifelong learning. Likewise, monitoring based on robust systems and tools, together with the release of periodic monitoring and evaluation reports are essential for the achievement of SDG 4-Education 2030.

In matters of education monitoring and planning, the Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago) carries out analytical work on the state of education in the region and coordinates the response to the needs of Member States in the areas of education planning, management and sectoral analysis, including monitoring and evaluation, information systems, education statistics, and their use and impact on the coverage and quality of education. Our work also covers topics on education financing, evaluation of education systems, policies and programs, and analysis of the sectors and subsectors that are part of national education systems.

The office also oversees progress in achieving the educational goals of the SDG4/E2030 Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean and the monitoring of education trends in the region. OREALC/UNESCO Santiago also generates knowledge on education policies, develops national capacities, and provides technical assistance.

Thematic areas

  1. Monitoring and evaluation
  2. Education data and management
  3. Policy and planning
  4. Education financing

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Serie: Education Monitoring in Latin America and the Caribbean


Contact at OREALC/UNESCO Santiago:

Alejandro Vera Mohorade
Education Programme Specialist. Chief of Education Monitoring and Planning Unit