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Mobile Learning Week 2019 - Policy Forum

The Policy Forum will offer a platform to discuss the different policy avenues that governments are paving to address the opportunities and challenges of frontier technologies and maximize in particular the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.
The Forum will bring together ministers of education, ministers of technology, telecom regulators, and leaders from private sector companies to discuss how coordinated action can facilitate the creation of a coherent policy framework that allows education systems to, at once, leverage the potential benefits and address the risks of AI.

Policy Forum

Breakdown sessions will discuss the following:

  • Session 1: What policies are needed to harness AI to accelerate progress towards SDG 4?
  • Session 2: What policies are needed to ensure frontier technologies and AI can support digital transformation, e-learning and digital skills development?
  • Session 3: What policies are needed to ensure inclusiveness in the use of accessible ICTs and AI in education?
  • Session 4: What policies are needed to empower and prepare teachers for AI-powered learning environments?
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